50 yards per roll.  Industrial quality, plied and treated fibers, wrapped ends and volan finish.  Exceptional wet out.  10 ounce weight.

Available in 1", 2", 3", 4" 6", 8", 12" Rolls.

For the final smooth, tight finish on cabin top or deck.  Volan finish, piled, and treated fibers.  Fast wet out and easy draping.

Available in 38", 50", 60" rolls or by the yard in 7 1/2 ounce and 10 ounce weights.

Industrial quality for all fiberglass jobs.  Easy wet out and draping excellent interlaminate bonding.

Available in 38" and 50" rolls and by the yard in 3/4 and 1 1/2 ounces per square foot and 60" rolls in 2 ounces per square foot.

A super strong woven fabric with a special flat fiber weave to lessen on any pattern transfer or resin pockets, ensuring a tight strong laminate.

Available in 38" rolls in 18 ounce weight and 38" and 50" rolls in 24 ounce weight and by the yard.

Heavyweight composition of woven sewn to an unbonded layer of chopped strand mat.  The unique composition structure offers ease of cutting, outstanding dry and wet handling, rapid wet out, reduced resin consumption and excellent physical properties in the finished laminate.

Available in 24 ounce roven / 1.5 ounce mat in 38" and 50" rolls and by the yard.

24 ounce per square yard ply stichbonded to 3/4 ounce per square foot mat.  The fibers are aligned at 0 and 90 degrees.  This fabric provides a smooth laminating surface, high flexural and impact strength, fast wet out and build up, and good drapability.

Available in 24 ounce roven / 3/4 ounce mat in 38" and 50" rolls and by the yard.

18 ounce per square yard double bias ply stitchbonded to 3/4 ounce per square floor mat.  The double bias fibers are aligned at 45 degrees on each side of the zero axis, giving a fabric which drapes well, wets out rapidly, provides fast build up, and gives high flexural and impact strength.

Available in 18 ounce roven / 3/4 ounce mat in 50" rolls and by the yard.

A continuous strand roving designed to deliver the high performance required for general purpose spray up with both filled and unfilled resin systems.  Rapid wet-out. low static and excellent chopping characteristics while producing the required physical properties in the finished laminate.  Wound with even tension to provide virtually trouble free package feed.

Each box approximately 50 pounds.